Network marketing can be a super powerful tool and can help people become wealthy that had no chance ever in a job. How ever most companys are stuck in the 60's when it comes to marketing!

there are 3 mthods that have just lost their affectiveness over the years

One is talking to friends and family... I'm not saying don't talk to friends and family... But I'm saying don't rely on it... If its your only way to get leads you will hound your family and friends and then you won't be invited to Christmas any more lol your phone calls won't be returned... If you care about keeping your friends and family don't rely on them to make you rich...

If you truly believe your business is an opportunity then treat it like one.. give them a chance to check it out no pressure.. If they catch the vision awesome if not no worries!

Normally when network marketers run out of friends and family they are told to start wandering lol Walmart, the mall and what was my fav... the trade centers... the thing is it comes down to this is this your most effective use of your time? is getting in your call and driving to one of these spots going to be more useful then the alternatives?

Do you like getting kicked out of these places... some preople can't handle objections... I get it its not a great feeling! the thing with wandering its the ultimate low positioning... and if the person thinks they will have to do the same thing you are doing they will not any part of it...

the 3rd way that network marketing companies fail in the marketing department is calling leads... Ask you self what type of life do you want to have? at any point in that dream life style does it say anything about being on the phone for 12 hours a day? Probably not...if you think wandering caused your prospect to go do I have to do this? what do you think being a telemarketer will do?

It comes down to this how do you want your life to be? Do you want to beable to take vacations and spend time with your family or do you want to scare them all away? do you want to actually be able to enjoy going out shopping or do you want it to be surrounded with trying to sell your sales rep into your business... Trust me if you have a way to be able to attract people on the internet your friends family and sales reps will ask you why you are able to go shopping on a tuesday afternoon why everyone else is working... they will just jump into your business.

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